Bed frame and bed bases with 90 rigidity-adjustable slats in a natural-wax finish. fitted as standard because a good night’s sleep is not an optional extra. The adjusters allow you to adapt the bed base to your weight and personal preferences. The bed base, with 90 slender slats, allows the mattress to breathe, preventing condensation, mould and proliferation of bacteria.





Electric, adjustable bed bases for total comfort. electric adjustable bed bases allow for ergonomic positioning. keypad control for the adjustment of each individual bed base. the recommended mattresses are the 3- or 4-layer White Dreams mattresses, which flex in perfect accordance with the movement of the bed base in any position. Manually adjusted bed bases: an affordable option for an adjustable bed. Fantastic for an afternoon in bed. The White Dreams series of mattresses are flexible and compatible with the adjustable bed bases.




Reinforced slatted bed bases: for those weighing over 95 kg up to a maximum of 140 kg. bed bases with multi-layer birchwood perimeter frame. on box beds the perimeter frame is made of steel. Bed bases divided for necessity of transportation, to be fixed together with 2 central support feet. bed bases with multi-layer birchwood perimeter frame. for box beds, the perimeter frame is made of steel.

Manual movement bed bases: with multi-layer birchwood perimeter frame, head and foot lifts with 2 manual movements. if installed on a box base the storage function is lost.

Automated bed bases: with multi-layer birchwood perimeter frame, 3- or 4-movement head and foot lifts with electric motors. cannot be fitted on beds with low side panel. if installed on box beds, the storage function is lost.







Cover and the pillow-top layer: to guarantee an enveloping yet cool, ventilated sleeping surface, we have created a 3 cm soft pillow-top layer. the impalpable fabric covering the mattress allows the exceptional softness to be felt through the sheets, just like in the best 5-star luxury hotels. The cover is created with a quilted placement design and not made in the more economical manner with continuously quilted fabric.

Mattress thickness of 26-27 cm: the comfort of a mattress is proportional to its thickness. the deeper the thickness, the greater the great comfort. once you are used to a slightly bulkier mattress on top of the bed, you’ll appreciate the benefits in terms of restful sleep. today, all top-of-the-range mattresses are thicker, and White Dreams mattresses offer unique value for money.

Ergonomic comfort: the greater thickness relieves pressure points with a softer top layer, while maintaining excellent weight-bearing capacity that provides adequate support to the spine, an essential feature to ensure well-being during sleep. a wide perimeter ventilation band made of a special three-dimensional fabric eliminates moisture transmitted from the body, working with the breathable pillow-top layer to maintain optimal conditions of thermoregulation.

Completely removable: the zip on the four sides makes it easy to detach and wash just the upper layer, the only layer in contact with the body. Beautiful, sturdy handles with the falegnameria1946 logo complete and identify the product. All this is, of course, offered in the more economical yet excellent “white dreams” natural comfort mattress (600 Bonnell biconical springs + waterfoam).